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Lesbian Mind Control IncestA Story of the Institute of Apotheosis ResearchChapter One: Mommy Takes ChargeBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this!I thought today couldn't get worse. And then I pulled into my driveway and discovered my eldest daughter Alison had thrown a party.What was supposed to be the start of my weekend long vacation with my lover, Bianca Carter in Las Vegas had turned sour. The drive from our home in Thousand Oaks, a suburb outside Los Angeles, to Vegas had gone great. We were laughing and flirting, rubbing are hands all over each other's thighs as we took turns driving. My pussy was so hot and wet.It was great to be open about our relationship, to not hide that we were lesbians. It was stressful, particularly hiding it from our daughters. I had two and Bianca had one. My eldest, Alison, and her daughter Lily were both nineteen. They were best friends. And they were driving us both crazy. They were so rebellious. They didn't listen any longer. They stayed out late. I had caught Alison coming home a dozen times with booze on her breath.I was worried she would do something stupid while we were gone. But Bianca convinced me otherwise. “Maria, darling, we have the hotel already rented, money for gambling, for seeing some of the Burlesque shows Let's go have fun! Our daughters will survive a weekend.”At least Janet, my youngest at eighteen, was responsible. She was a quiet girl who didn't get in trouble, unlike Alison. So I acquiesced. We left for our “girls weekend” as we told everyone, faking that we were close friends instead of the truth—that we were lesbian lovers. It was only a few hours drive to Vegas, we arrived, checked into our hotel, and then we hit the casino floor. Bianca was having a great time, drinking, gambling, and flirting. That was the problem. She was flirting with everyone. And not with women, but with the men.I couldn't believe how shameless she was. She claimed she had forsworn men, and then there she was, pressing up against them at the craps table, blowing on their dices, practically fondling their cocks while I watched, growing steamier and steamier.I should have said something earlier, before she got too drunk. But I wasn't good at the whole confrontation thing. I just...lacked the confidence. It was probably the real reason Alison could just walk over me.Finally, after a few hours of watching her grind between two guys as they gallivanted about the casino floor, I tried to talk to her. And what did she do? Tried to get me to join in. “This is my friend, Maria.” She pulled me closer to her. “Mmm, I bet the four of us could have some real fun.”“I'm gay, remember,” I hissed at her. “Like you told me you are. I thought we were here for fun.”“We are,” she purred, pressing up against the tall, swarthy guy, his hands on her ass. “And we're going to have so much fun, aren't we?”The guys laughed, eager.“I thought we were here to have fun together. Just me and you. A girls' weekend.”“Oh, honey, we play together all the time.” She giggled, her words partly slurred. “Oh, no, did you think...? Did you think that we were doing more than just passing time? Oh, Maria, darling.”The words had sobered me. I thought we did have something. A relationship. Girlfriends. “Apparently, I was wrong.” The words came out like ice. My blood was chilled. “Sorry.”“Forgiven,” she laughed. “Come on upstairs with us. We can give the men a show. I'll go down on you, you go down on me, then you can watch them both fuck me.” She laughed. “Or you can enjoy one of them while I take the other.”The other guy—a tall, blond meathead—gave me a hungry smile, looking up and down my body in my low-cut blouse and short skirt. Something I wore for Bianca to admire. I even had a brand new pair of panties, practically a thong, and with lace along the leg bands. I was so eager to see her reaction when she saw me in them.“No. We came here to have fun together. Just me and you.”“Tomorrow,” she said, shaking her head.“There won't be a tomorrow,” I told her as the two men led her away, both eager to ravish her curvy ass. Her auburn hair bounced about her shoulders. God, she was so beautiful. Her stretchy, red dress clung to that rear. And her legs were so long and lush. “I'm going home.”“No you're not.” She rolled her eyes. And then she waved at me before she vanished.I was so angry I did it. I got my car and drove home. I didn't care. She could get a ride back from blond meathead or swarthy asshole. I hadn't even made it off the strip before the tears started. My mascara ran as sped back home.And found an even worse surprise.Music thudded out of my house. All the lights were on. Youths crowded the porch holding red plastic cups. I opened my car door and slammed it, gripping my purse in my hand as I marched up to the door.The youths saw me. They realized who I was. They bolted.I entered the house, finding more lounging around, dancing to the horrid music or cheering a cheerleader, complete in her cheer outfit, on as she did a keg stand. There was a keg in my house. How did Alison rent that?“Out of my house!” I hissed.Youths streamed past me as I marched into the living room. It was even worse in here. There was a group cheering while two guys were on the couch, pleasure crossing their faces. One was Black, the other White, both with the large builds of football players. My daughter and Lily were on their knees before them, giving them blowjobs. Alison's eyes flicked up and froze in mid-suck on the Black guy's cock. Her friend Lily, a youthful copy of her mother but with brighter red hair than Bianca's darker auburn, kept slobbering up and down the White boy's cock.“Not going to win that way, Alison,” the Black guy groaned.Alison popped her mouth off his dick, her cheeks pale. “Mom?”At the word, “Mom,” the watching youths suddenly scattered, leaving in their wake a mound of red plastic cups. There were stains on my beige carpet. There were cups on my coffee table without coasters. Someone had spilled an entire bag of chips on my ottoman, the yellow-orange dust worked into the fibers.“Alison Lisa Talon,” I fumed as the Black guy yanked up his pants and darted out of the room.Lily popped her mouth off the White guy's cock. He bolted, too, his dick flopping before him. Lily gave a look at her friend, then she, too, hopped to her feet and tried to escape. I caught her and pushed her back towards my daughter.“What are you...?” my words trailed off. The vanishing youths revealed my youngest daughter, Janet, lying passed out on the floor, her head cocked to the side, her glasses askew, her hand still clutching a red plastic cup. “You gave your little sister beer.”“She loved it,” Alison said. “But she never drank it before and...” My daughter shook her home. “Oh, my god, Mom, why are you home? You've ruined my party.”“Ruined your party?” I stared at her in shock. “Look at my house!”Alison shrugged. She was a tall girl, taller than me now, and leggy in the tight shorts she wore. She had an athletic build, her small breasts covered by a tank top. It was clear she wore no bra. She pushed her black hair back off her shoulders and glared at me, her plump lips pursing. “You don't understand. Oh, my god, all my friends are going to think I'm lame now. It was just getting started.”“Oh, it looked like plenty was starting,” I scathed. “You were being filmed!”“It was a blowjob contest, Mom, jeez.” She rolled her eyes in that exaggerated manner only a nineteen-year-old girl can perform. “Don't pretend to be such a saint. You were my age when you had me.”I blushed. “That's not the point.”She rolled her eyes. “Right, right. You discovered having fun sucks, so you never want me to have any.”Lily just squirmed beside Alison. “Did, um, my mom come back with you, Ms. Talon?”“No, she's still in Vegas,” I growled. This had to be all Lily's fault. She was a bad influence on my daughter. Just a whore like her mother. I bet it was her idea for the blowjob competition.“Oh,” Lily said.“Mom doesn't like having fun. That's why she's back,” Alison said. I ground my teeth. “I like having fun. I don't like coming home and finding my house destroyed. I knew I couldn't trust you to be alone over the weekend.”“Oh, my god, Mom. I'm nineteen. I'm an adult. You can stop babying me!”“I can't. Not when you let your little sister drink herself unconscious.” I shook my head, frustrated tears burning in my eyes.“Oh, she's fine. She's eighteen. I got drunk the first time younger than her. It's time she grows up and stops trying to be like you.” Then Alison turned, marching down the hallway.“Come back here!” I shouted. “And clean up this damned mess. Then I'm taking away your phone. I'm not paying for you to—”Her bedroom door slammed hard.Lily swallowed, standing awkwardly, rubbing her hands together. She didn't know what to do. She bent down and grabbed a red plastic cup. “Sorry, Ms. Talon. It kinda got out of hand.”“Yeah,” I nodded.I sank down onto my couch and winced. The cushion was wet. I smelled cheap beer. I wanted to cry so badly. I wanted to grab my black tresses and rip out of my hair. Nothing had gone right today. Nothing. I could have fun. I wanted to have fun.“Did something happen between you and my mom?” Lily asked.“You can go home,” I said.She picked up another plastic cup. “Sorry.” Then she scooped up a third. “We were just...enjoying life.”My phone chirped. I pulled it out of my purse, wondering what worse news I could receive today. Maybe my dad had died. Maybe Alison's dad wanted to visit. Asshole owed me so much back child support. Maybe it was my bank letting me know my credit card had been used fraudulently.I entered my passcode and stared at the message. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen.CONGRATULATIONS Maria Talon!!!You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your parenting and relationship needs. Tired of being walked over by everyone in your life? Tired of that helpless feeling that is gripping you?Well you're in luck!Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take back the reins from all those in your life who walk all over you.I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!Sincerely,Deidre Icke, Esq.President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research“What the fuck?” I whispered as Lily came back from the kitchen with a trash bag. She shook it open, the plastic rippling. Then the busty girl, her tits stretching her tank top magnificently, bent down and began collecting the red, plastic cups. This was the strangest spam I had ever gotten in my life. There weren't even links to whatever dumb product they were trying to sell me. A Halo? And mind control? What were they playing at? Was this Alison's idea of a joke? Was she in her room messing with me right now?“That girl,” I growled.Lily flinched but kept cleaning.For a moment, I thought I heard a buzzing sound coming from the front door. It was like the very fast whirling of rotor blades. I blinked and stood up, my heart suddenly racing. This couldn't be real. A package couldn't have been delivered by drone. I had heard Amazon was trying that out, but it wasn't a thing yet. Right?My front door was still open, the evening warm. Crickets chirped outside. And there, sitting on my porch, was a cardboard box, glossy packing tape keeping the lid shut. I blinked, moving towards it in utter shock.This prank was turning elaborate.I walked to the package, almost numb with shock. My stomach twisted as I knelt down. My name and address was printed on a large label in the center of the lid. There was no return address, no stamps or markings from any postal carriers. It wasn't delivered by the US Postal Services or UPS or FedEx. I looked out into the night and thought I spotted something dark flying over the neighbors house and vanishing.Trembling, I picked up the package and walked back to the couch. I sat down, this time on a dry cushion, and ripped open the tape. Lily kept cleaning, bent over on her knees, her large tits swaying in her tank top. Like my daughter, she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples, even though they weren't hard, were still dimpling the front of her thin top.A surge of heat shot through me. She had bigger tits than her mother. Were they as nice to play with and...?I opened the box, taking my eyes off my ex-lover's daughter. I had known Lily since she was a child. It was like lusting after my own daughter. Flashes of Alison's toned, gorgeous legs in those tight shorts danced through my thoughts.There was a golden ring wrapped in plastic set in a foam protection along with a small pamphlet. One of those instruction manuals you find with electronics. I flipped through it. It was printed in multiple languages besides English—Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, and several East Asian languages using strange characters, probably Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and maybe Thai. I stopped on the English page.The Halo's patented nanotechnology will bond with your neurons, enhancing the generation of your brain waves. Simply place the device on your head, and you will gain the ability to control others actions. Your brain waves will be so powerful, broadcasting from your mind, that they will override the brain waves of others.This is all thanks to the ground breaking work of our founder, Dr. Henry P. Blavatsky and his wife Alicia Bailey. Nanotechnology? Wasn't that Science Fiction? I kept reading. It talked about the technical aspects of the Halo, describing the various types of brain waves in language that had to be copied out of a scientific paper. I didn't get half of it. Then there was a description of the nanotechnology and how it functioned. Apparently, there were little machines that would integrate into my brain and enhance my brain waves. I had heard about those. It was all so...unbelievable.I swallowed. It would be wonderful to have some control in my life. Bianca wouldn't have flirted with those guys on our special weekend if I had any real spine. My daughter Alison would be out here cleaning up her mess like a responsible girl, taking her punishment, if I had confidence. I should even have spanked her, regardless of her age. I had been too lax with her, and she ran wild. My parents were the same way with me.I touched the Halo. It was...warm. My fingers tingled. Lily glanced at me, her garbage bag now half full. She took the cup from my youngest daughter's unconscious hand. Janet shifted, murmuring something, her black hair fanned out around her. Her shirt was pulled tight about her breasts. She had larger ones than her older sister, something she was quite proud of.And they did look so nice. If this Halo worked, I could...A hot wave of shame washed through me. Just what was I thinking.“What is that, Ms. Talon?” Lily asked.“A prank,” I said, feeling so embarrassed for even thinking about my youngest daughter in such a sexual manner. But...seeing that shirt stretched over her breasts. I liked big tits. “Something Alison cooked up.”“She did?” Lily said, sounding unsure.“Yeah, copied a bunch of BS off Wikipedia. Probably threw the text through Google Translate a bunch of times to fake the other languages.”“That a lot of work.”“She wants me to put this on,” I said, lifting the Halo. The thin, gold ring tingled more. She had rigged it up to a battery somehow. “Then she thinks I'm dumb enough to believe it would give me mind control powers. Isn't that ridiculous?”“Yeah,” Lily said, still staring at me.I shoved the Halo on my head, feeling the metal band press into my hair. The tingling grew even greater. The Halo grew warmer and warmer. My stomach shifted. A wave of dizziness washed over me. My vision fuzzed dark. I gasped, fanning my face. My thoughts pricked as the heat blossomed.“Ms. Talon?” Lily asked, her face pale.“Ooh, she put something on it,” I said. “Like there's a battery or something. There, it's on. Let's see my new amazing powers.”Lily just stared at me, blue eyes so wide, her jaw dropping.“Close your mouth.”She did.I frowned. “Stand up.”Lily did, her eyes were still wild. “So you're in on the prank?”“There's no prank,” she said quickly.“Right,” I said, rolling my eyes. “There's no prank. You have to do what I say.”“I am,” she said, her voice tight. “I...I... What are you doing to me, Ms. Talon?”My anger grew greater. So she wanted to play. “Fine, I can control you. Take off that top, let me see those breasts.”“Ms. Talon,” she gasped, her freckled cheeks going crimson even as her hands moved to the hem of her tank top.I blinked in shock as she actually did it. She lifted her tank top over her head, her large breasts bouncing out. The big tits jiggled as they slapped together. Her nipples were pink and flat, her areolas large for a girl her age.“How are you doing this?” she gasped, tears in her eyes.“You're really committed to this prank,” I said. “I bet Alison is, too.” I took a breath and shouted, “Alison, get your ass out here right now!”A fuzzy tingle ran through my thoughts. I absently rubbed at my hair, fingers sliding through my locks as I felt...something surge out from me, reaching through the house towards my daughter's bedroom.Which was ridiculous. Alison's prank was pretty complete.Her bedroom door opened. My sulking daughter slouched out, biting her lip. Then she blinked. “Why is your top off, Lily?”“Your mom made me take it off,” Lily gasped. “She put on this gold circlet and it vanished and now I have to do what she says.” Tears fell down her cheeks. “Ms. Talon, please, what are you doing?”“You two are really committed,” I said. It just made me angrier.“Committed?” Alison said, glancing at her crying friend. “Lily, put your top back on.”She nodded her head, reaching for it on the ground.“No, keep it off,” I said and Lily froze. More tears fell down her face. She was such a good actor. “And you, Alison, it's time for your punishment.”“I'm not giving over my phone,” she said.“No, you're getting a spanking.” I took a deep breath. “Drop your shorts and panties, then bend over my lap.”“There is no way I'm...” Her words trailed off as her hands shot down to her shorts. Fingers unsnapped her fastener. The color drained from her eyes as she ripped down her zipper before she shoved her shorts and panties off her curvy hips and down her sleek thighs. She had a landing strip of black hair leading to the puffy lips of her pussy. Her inner pussy lips peeked out in the center of her slit. She stepped out of the shorts, staring at me in shock. “H-how did you do that?”I gave her a look. “This stops when you want to admit this whole Halo thing was a prank.”“What halo?” Her eyes were wild. “How did you make me take off my shorts. I didn't want to.” Then she moved to me. Her body was rigid, like she was struggling before she draped herself over my lap, her curving ass, fully tanned, wiggling before me. “Oh, my god, I can feel it. It's like I have no control over my body.”Lily nodded her head.I bit my lip. They were both committing to this act, pretending I had mind control. It was almost unbelievable that they would let me go this far. I stared down at my daughter's ass, a hot wave of heat shooting through me. My pussy grew wetter, my clit aching. My nipples throbbed in my bra. I reached down, rubbing my daughter's ass.“Oh, my god, Mom,” groaned Alison. “I know you're a dyke and all, but you don't have to grope me.”“You know about that?” I asked, squeezing her ass.“Yes, Lily and I caught you and her mom...doing things.” She sounded so reviled. “It was so gross.”“No it wasn't,” I said and raised my hand, slapping down hard. “It was beautiful. Women are beautiful.”“Mom!” Alison gasped, her ass wiggling, a bright, red handprint burning on her ass. “Please, you don't have to spank me.”“Admit this is a prank, and it stops,” I told her, spanking my other hand down on her butt-cheek. “Or you never know what I'll make you girls do.”Lily whimpered. It made me so wet. This was so much fun. Even if they were only acting, pretending, it was hot having this sort of power. I looked at Lily, her hands covering her big breasts, hiding her nipples.“Stop hiding your nipples, Lily,” I smiled, that tingling racing through my thoughts. “Instead, pinch them. Make them hard for me.”“Oh, god,” she groaned, her hands moving on her breasts, no longer hiding her nipples. She rubbed her fingers in circles on her areolas, her fat nubs hardening, thrusting before her. Then she pinched them, rolling them. “Please,” she begged. “Please, Ms. Talon.”I cracked my hand down again on my daughter's ass, savoring the loud spanking. I had power over her. Finally, she was listening to me. Doing what I told her. She just laid there, gasping in pain as I smacked down over and over, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.“Lily, get those shorts off. And dance for me. Let me see that sexy body move. Mmm, you are hotter than your mother.”“Ms. Talon,” she gasped, her hands moving down from her nipples. Her hips swayed and her breast jiggled. She shoved her shorts off her hips, wearing a pair of sky blue panties in a bikini cut. She kept wiggling her hips, her arms moving as she stepped out of them.“Mmm, doesn't your friend have a pretty body, Alison?” I asked, spanking her ass.“Yes,” she said. “Mom, please, I'm sorry. Stop this. I don't like it.”Crack!“It's your punishment,粉嫩小仙女自慰白浆流桌子上” I hissed. “You've been a bad girl. Say it.”“I've been a bad girl,” she moaned. Then she shuddered. “How are you doing that, Mom? Making me speak? Controlling me?”“It's the circlet,” Lily said, her hips shaking, her arms over her head now as she rolled her hips, dancing so provocatively. The tears rolling down her cheeks just made it that much sweeter. “The one she put on her head.”“What circlet?” Alison twisted her head around to stare at me, her hazel eyes swimming with tears. “There's nothing on her head.”Crack!“Right,” I said. “You must really think I'm dumb, Alison, to fall for this.” I raised my hand up to my hair, sweeping through my curls.And didn't find anything.The Halo wasn't on my head. “What?”“It vanished, Ms. Talon,” Lily said. “It flowed into your head. And then... And then you made me do things. Can I stop? Can I get dressed?”I stared at her bouncing breasts then down at my daughter's red ass. I blinked. They weren't playing a prank on me. I was really controlling them with my brain waves. The device really worked. The nanomachines had amplified my brain waves and...“Oh, my god,” I said in shock, my pussy so wet. “Lily, take off your panties. Let me see your pussy.”She whimpered, shoving down her panties revealing a matching landing strip to my daughter's, though Lily's was fiery red. Her pussy lips were thicker, drooping down her like her mothers, a pair of butterfly wings you could spread apart and expose the pink delicacies of her snatch. I groaned, rubbing my daughter's ass, feeling the warmth of the spankings, how firm she was. I stared at Lily as she stood before me, cheeks so red and tear stained.I licked my lips, my hand moving absently on my daughter's ass as I considered the possibilities. I would have control in my life for once. No one would walk over me. My daughter would finally obey me. Bianca would never hurt me again.“Mom!” my daughter gasped. “What the fuck!”I blinked, feeling the smooth warmth on my fingers. I had moved down between her thighs without realizing it, rubbing my daughter's underage pussy. I groaned, shivering at how naughty this was. How wrong, how taboo.How incestuous.I rubbed harder at her pussy, feeling the warmth of her flesh on my fingers, brushing her inner pussy lips peeking out of her slit. I pushed into her folds, loving how wet she was. She whimpered as I slid lower and brushed her clit.Her body shivered.“Mom,” she gasped. “Mom, that's my pussy. Mom, what are you doing? You're molesting me!”“Uh-huh,” I said, rubbing up and down her pussy, my own getting hotter and hotter. “I can.” I smiled, shivering, my brain tingling. “I can do whatever I like to you. Spread your legs apart. Let me really feel your cunt.”Her legs parted. My hand could move freely now, sliding up and down her slit, my fingers dancing on her folds. Her moisture grew, slicking my fingers as she wiggled on me. Her butt-clenched. Her thigh muscles quivered like she wanted to close them again.But couldn't.“Lily, shove your fingers into your pussy. I want to taste you.”“Ms. Talon,” she gasped even as she shoved fingers from both her hands into her pussy, trying to get all of them in there, and failing. She groaned, shivering, her big breasts bouncing. There was such a look of horror in her eyes as she pulled out her fingers, glistening with her juices, and brought them to my lips.I breathed in, smelling her tangy pussy juices. It was different from her mother's tart musk. I licked her fingers, my tongue sliding around them as I shoved two digits into Alison's pussy. My daughter shuddered on my lap, her pussy clenching on my fingers as I pumped them in and out. I groaned as I savored Lily's juices, sucking on her fingers now while she trembled before me.“Ms. Talon,” Lily whispered. “I'm so scared.”“I won't hurt you,” I groaned, pumping my digits in and out of my daughter's pussy.“You'll just molest us,” gasped Alison.“You love it. You love the feel of my fingers in your pussy, Alison.” My brain tingled.My daughter's pussy grew hotter. She gasped and moaned. “Oh, my god, that's even worse. Oh, that feels nice and... Oh, I hate you, Mom. I can't believe... Oh, wow...”Her juices flowed, my fingers pumping easier and faster. Her spicy musk, similar to my own aroma, filled my nose as I pumped in and out of her cunt. I stroked her ass with my other hand, loving this power. I squeezed her spanked butt-cheek, her pussy clenching on my dick as she sucked in a breath.“Masturbate, Lily,” I groaned. “I want to see you cum on your fingers.”“Oh, god,” she groaned, her right hand shooting to her pussy, rubbing at her thick pussy lips. They grew engorged as she touched them. Her other hand went to her breasts, squeezing them both, working back and forth as she stroked herself.She was so sexy. So delicious. My hand groped my daughter's ass while I watched Lily. She shivered before me, her fingers sliding through those thick butterfly wing pussy lips. She stroked those dark, engorged labia, nudging her clit, her nipples growing harder and harder. She squeezed them, pinched them, her tears slowing, pleasure joining her whimpers.Just like with my daughter.I shoved a third finger into Alison's pussy. I felt her sheath stretch about my digits. She let out a low, wanton moan as she shivered. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers. I loved it. My nipples ached, my pussy was on fire.“You're going to cum so hard on Mommy's fingers,” I purred, plunging them over and over into her depths. “Aren't you? Just explode on Mommy's fingers. Oh, you can't wait, can you?”“No, Mommy,” she moaned, her body quivering. She bit her lip, squirming as her pussy clenched on my digits. “I...I...can't stop it. I want to cum, Mommy. This is so wrong. You're so terrible for doing this. I'm your daughter!”“Yes, you are,” I moaned, the taboo nature making me so hot. Her pussy felt so amazing on my fingers. “And I can do whatever I like to you. You're my slave now, Alison. No more being a bitch. No more doing what you want.”“Mom,” she groaned, half in shock half in pleasure, her body shuddering, her orgasm building.“This is so fucked up,” Lily moaned as she plunged two fingers into her twat. She used her middle and ring fingers, working them in deep, her pointer and little finger splayed out around her pussy lips. The heel of her hand ground in circles, massaging her clit as she pumped her digits. “I'm so sorry we threw a party, Ms. Talon.”“So sorry, Mom,” whimpered my daughter. “Please, please, stop. I don't want to cum on your fingers. This is so wrong!”“Yes,” I moaned, rubbing my thighs together. My fingers pumped faster and faster into her depths. I shivered in pure delight, anticipating what would come next.My clit ached for it.I plunged my three fingers faster and faster, churning my daughter's juicy pussy to a froth. She bucked and squirmed on my lap, her butt-cheeks clenching beneath my hands. I shivered, my fingers parting her crack, exposing her puckered sphincter.I spat on it.Her backdoor glistened as I brought my fingers to it. I circled her asshole. She squirmed more, her sphincter puckering. I pressed on her asshole, pushing against the tight ring with my middle finger. She groaned as I wormed my digit into her bowels.“Oh, your ass is so tight and hot. I bet it's virgin. Unlike your slutty cunt. You've fucked all the boys, haven't you?”“Yes, Mom,” she answered. She had no choice. “I love fucking boys.”“Never again. Your pussy will be dry for any boy. But wet for your Mommy. Only women can make you wet and cum.” My thoughts prickled.“Mom!” she gasped, bucking, her asshole and pussy clenching on my fingers. “Mom, you're so fucked up. What is wrong with you?”“I have a slut for a daughter,” I groaned. “It's time I treated her like one. My slut!”Just saying those words had me so turned on, a small orgasm rippled out of my pussy. I couldn't believe it. I came from the words and pressing my thighs tight. The small waves of effervescent delight washed through me. Ecstasy bubbled through my mind, giving me a tingling preview of the true fun to come.“Now cum, you dyke slut!” I hissed. “You're mommy's slave now. Cum on my fingers!”“Mom!” she squealed and then her pussy and asshole both convulsed on my plunging digits. “Oh, my god! Oh, fuck!”She bucked hard, juices flooding out of her pussy as she came like the little slut she was. Lily watched wide-eyed, her fingers plunging faster into her own pussy. She bit her lip, watching my daughter cum like a lesbo-whore. I shoved my fingers in deep, loving the feel of her massaging flesh, the excitement bubbling through me.I kept fingering her. And she kept cumming, gasping, moaning out Mommy over and over. Her voice was so throaty. She couldn't hide how much she loved it. How hard she came on her mother's fingers.“Yes,” I hissed, my own need building. I couldn't take much more of only fingering her. I needed real satisfaction. My pussy burned. “That's it. Tell Lily how much you loved Mommy's fingers. How hard they made you cum. No lying.”My mind tingled.“I came so hard, Lily,” my daughter sobbed. “Oh, god, I feel so dirty, but I came. I exploded. It was the best orgasm I ever had. My mom gave it to me.”“Oh, shoot,” Lily moaned. “Oh, shoot.”Her large breasts jiggled as her orgasm quivered through her body. Her voice warbled with pleasure. Juices flooded down her thighs. She swayed, stumbling back into the decorative fireplace, almost knocking over some of my crystal angels on the mantle. Her fiery hairs swept about her head as pleasure coursed through her.“Mmm, your friend finds that so hot,” I purred, pulling my fingers out of my daughter's cunt. “You turned her on by being a lesbo slut.”“Mom,” she groaned. “I'm so sorry. Please.”“Oh, you loved it,” I laughed. “Don't even pretend you didn't.”She shivered.“Now, I made you cum. So be a good daughter and get on your knees. Then push up my skirt, pull down my panties, and make Mommy cum with that lush mouth.”“What?” she gasped while my thought tingled.And then she was moving. She slipped off my lap, her eyes wide with fright and shock. She slipped to the floor as I brought my fingers to my lips. I savored the taste of her spicy pussy. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked on them one by one. She tasted good. Shivering, my daughter knelt before me, her black hair brushing my inner thighs as she pushed up my skirt. The look on her face, a combination of disgust and horrid fascination, made my pussy so wet.She couldn't believe this was happening.She exposed the special panties I wore. Lily, still masturbating, stared in shock, her eyes so wide. “I wore these panties especially for your mother, Lily, but she wanted to be a whore and fuck men instead of me.”Lily shivered.“You would never do that, right, Lily?” I purred. “You'll be my lover always. You'll only get wet for women from now on. Unlike your whore-mother!” My brain tingled.Her body shivered.“Yes, yes, you feel it. You're a lesbian now, Lily. And you love my daughter's red ass.” I paused. “Ever thought of licking her pussy before?”She shook her head.“Well, you are now.” I concentrated on her and imagined the girl sliding her tongue through my daughter's shaved pussy. Lily fingered herself harder, moaning, another small orgasm quivering through her body, jiggling those lush breasts. Her eyes stared hungrily at my daughter now.My daughter pulled down my panties, revealing my trimmed, black bush soaked by my juices. Her eyes widened as she stared at the furry muff she was about to eat. I had to close my knees so she could get my panties off, and then I spread them right back open.Alison leaned in slowly, her face tightening the closer she got to my naked pussy. It was clear she didn't want to do this. That she had never wanted to lick a girl's cunt. But she had no choice. She was my slave.“Yes, eat Mommy's pussy and love it,” I grinned. “Nothing will taste better than my pussy. Nothing!”My brain tingled hard.She quivered.And then my daughter buried her face into my pussy. I groaned, squirming on the couch as her tongue lapped through my folds. I savored it. Such sweet delight shivered through me at the incestuous touch of my daughter. I brought the finger of my left hand, sucking on the sour flavor of her ass as she licked me.Her eyes stared up at me, a mix of pleasure and horror at what she was doing. That she enjoyed the taste of her mother's cunt. Her hips wiggled. Lily moaned, drawing my attention to the busty girl. Her eyes were focused on Alison's ass, fingering herself hard.“Lick her pussy, Lily,” I commanded. “Taste your best friend's snatch.”Lily groaned and raced around the coffee table. She fell to her knees, grabbed my daughter's ass, and buried her face into her pussy. Alison squealed into my snatch, her dark eyes widening as she licked and nuzzled at my cunt.“Mmm, yes,” I groaned. “Oh, that's it. Oh, yes. You are such a naughty slut. Just devour me. Eat me. Make Mommy explode on that wonderful mouth!”I humped against her, grinding on her face as her tongue lapped and nuzzled through my folds. She licked me, tonguing me so hard. I arched my back, my hands grabbing my breasts and squeezing them through bra and blouse.It was so hot. My daughter at my pussy while her fiery-haired friend, my ex-lover's daughter, devoured her snatch. Alison moaned as she licked me, unable to deny the pleasure of Lily's tongue sliding through her folds.“Oh, yes, that's it,” I groaned. “Oh, yes. You have to devour my pussy. You have to make me cum so hard. You love your Mommy's pussy, don't you?”She shook her head, still licking me.“But you love what it tastes like.”She nodded her head, rubbing her nose against my clit.“Good,” I groaned. “And you'll come to love Mommy's pussy in time. You'll lick it every day. You're my slave, Alison. You're Mommy's pussy-licking slave. Isn't that wonderful?”She let out a groan, her tongue still sliding through my folds. Her eyes lowered. She understood. I was in command. I had to be obeyed and worshiped. I humped against her mouth, savoring her unskilled tongue. I didn't care that she just flailed across my pussy lips with no technique. It didn't matter to me. This moment was special. This was my daughter's first time licking pussy.My pussy.My daughter was eating my pussy and that was so hot.I humped against her, my orgasm building and building. I pushed down my dress, exposing the matching sky blue demi bra I wore. It clasped in the front. I undid it, my large breasts pilling out, my dark-red nipples so hard. I had such an amazing body for a woman approaching her forties. “Yes, yes, yes, worship my pussy,” I gasped. “Worship your Mommy's cunt. Drink down all my yummy juices.”My daughter squeezed her eyes shut. She moaned into my pussy, her body shuddering. Lily gasped in surprise, her blue eyes catching mine. They were so wide as she lapped. She just made my daughter cum on her mouth.“Yes, yes, yes, that's how much you love licking your Mommy's pussy,” I groaned, mind tingling. “It makes you cum. Admit it!”“It makes me cum, Mommy!” she squealed into my pussy.Then her tongue thrust so deep into my sheath. She swirled it around, teasing me, her nose rubbing on my clit. My little bud throbbed and ached. I pinched my nipples hard, humping into my daughter's fucking tongue.My body tensed. The taboo, forbidden thrill of incest shooting through me. My head lolled back onto the couch. The pressure built and built with every swipe of her tongue. She kept moaning, kept cumming on her friend's mouth.“You're my pussy licking slave!” I howled as I came.My pussy exploded, writhing about her tongue. My juices flooded out of my snatch, splashing on my daughter's face. She groaned, drinking them down like it was the best ambrosia in the world. Her eyes stared up at me.“Yes,” I hissed. “You made Mommy cum! Oh, yes, you're my slave! Say it!”“I'm your slave, Mommy!” she moaned into my pussy.“Yes, baby, you are!” I howled as my orgasm burned even hotter.I thrashed on the couch, her licking tongue keeping my pleasure alive. My eyes fluttered. Stars danced through my vision. It was amazing. It was the best. I couldn't believe how great this orgasm was.I loved the Halo. I didn't understand why it came to me. Why was I chosen by the Institute? But I didn't care right now. I had my daughter as my sex slave. And her friend, Lily. She would never be a whore like her mother. Oh, no. Neither of them would. They would be my pussy licking slaves.“My wonderful daughter,” I groaned, leaning back, letting go of my nipples. They ached from how hard I pinched them. “Oh, that was the best cum ever. Mommy loves her little pussy licking slave so much. You can stop.”I shivered as Alison lifted her head, my juices dripping from her face. She looked stunned by what had just happened. Lily still licked at my daughter's pussy, making her shiver. Alison licked her lips, unable to hide how much she loved the taste of my juices now.And then my youngest daughter said, her words slurred, “Mom, what is going on? Why are you all naked? Was Alison...eating your pussy?”“Oh, god,” groaned Alison, lowering her face.I smiled, staring at the ripe breasts of my youngest daughter stretching out against her top. “Mommy's taking charge of the house now. Things are changing.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The dot matrix printer whirled and chunked as the telex printed on the paper striped dull blue and white, the wheels working it through the machine. It was archaic, but it was the printer that he had used, so Deidre Icke kept it.Her hands trembled as she stared at the print out, waiting for it to complete. When it did, she tore the sheet free, staring at the blocky letters, reading them. A shiver of excitement went through her. She turned to her desk, a picture of her guru and his wife resting in a silver frame beside her sleek, modern monitor. It was 29” 4K HD. The best on the market.She sat down at her expensive, leather chair, smoothing the printout before her keyboard, her eyes dancing across the message again. She couldn't stop reading the words.STATUS: DELIVERED at 2056 PST to SUBJECT 1 residenceHALO ALPHA: ACTIVATED by SUBJECT 1 at 2102 PSTSUBJECT 1 has engaged the HALO on two individuals. HALO functioning properly. SUBJECT 1 has integrated 100% with HALO nanomachines. SUBJECT 1 brainwaves function at peak efficacy.Apotheosis achieved.A shiver of exultation passed through Deidre. She stared at the picture of her dead guru and his wife, tears falling down her cheeks. “I wish you were here to see the start of the new age.”The dot matrix printer rumbled to life, printing a new message. SUBJECT 1 had engaged a new person with her divinity. Deidre shivered in anticipation as she waited for the drones to set up the spy cameras.To be continued...